Judging you

Names clarissa, 15... We gots time to waste kids. From the rainy state of Oregon and the city of hipsters and roses. Feel free to talk to me i'm pretty friendly, check out my "hipster blog"




stop idolizing pasty white lizard men 2k14 

your url is a derivative of david bowie the ultimate pasty white lizard man

i was going to try and respond to this but you know what????? he is. i fucked up. i fucked up.

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when ur wife invites a bee over for dinner and he sits in ur spot


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“losing followers”


as i like to call it

“narrowing down the list of people who are invited to a wicked awesome party with a bouncy castle and water slide and ice cream”

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I went to prom with my boyfriend, but after the dance he left me at a party all by myself. It was awful!

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Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig and the Angry Inch (x)

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